CLwave Smart Light Up!

Smart Light Up for your Tablet and Smart Phone!

CLwave Smart Light Up! 

Smart Hi-Tech LEDs and Sensors for your Tablet and Smart Phone!

CLwave Smart Light Up

Smart Light Up for your Tablet and Smart Phone!

Smart Light Up for your Tablet and Smart Phone!


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Short Summary

CLwave is a company in Germany for info-production and internet marketing, and now expanding its market to physical production! CLwave Tech is the technology center of CLwave which is presenting you this physical product, after lots of research and study! CLwave Smart Light Up is like an iPhone case or iPad case that has some LEDs and Sensors over it (and an embedded Printed Circuit Board inside it) which needs no battery or charge of any kind, and will get its electrical power directly from the Space! This is the first time that such technology comes to the market for the public, and for such an easy-to-use application, that you can read or watch anything you like with your Smart Phone or Tablet in a dark environment without putting pressure on your eyes and brain. Smart Light Up can also ‘enlighten’ your path or your room just enough, and it all comes with Free Energy, so you do not have to connect it to your iPhone or iPad or any other power source to charge it! The more contributors can help us to spread the word, while protecting our own circuits and designs since we should patent them, the more we can invest in our Free Cosmic Energy circuits, and the better we can make our Smart Light Up, as it needs millions of dollars of investment if we want to take this technology for the commercial products out there for the mass market! Although, CLwave will deliver this small product for now as the plan below, and the more contributors can us financially and by promoting us on social media and blogs, the more LEDs and sensors we can develop inside this product to be released in 2015!


Smart Light Up for your Tablet and Smart Phone!

Smart Light Up for your Tablet and Smart Phone!


Please share this webpage with your friends, and invite them here so that they can help us develop this Hi-Tech for the mass market! We would really appreciate your help, and we will always thank you for that :)

This is totally possible to make a small circuit (or even big ones) that is self-powered and is generating its own necessary electricity, as you can see below (especially on the videos below, and if you look up for Nikola Tesla inventions on the internet)! So now we need your help to make this campaign successful, and to be able to deliver what we promise to our contributors and fans! CLwave will invest extensive amount of time and effort on this project to make it as successful as possible, and to make it as high quality as possible for the mass production, so that soon, everybody can use Free Energy instead of paying for energy!

CLwave Smart Light Up!

Notice that this product will not use any kind of battery at all! It will generate its own electrical power from the Space itself (or as some scientists say from the heated air.. but indeed it needs no air or sun.. just the Space itself!) So the more we can invest in this technology, especially its electrical circuit, we can make a better Hi-tech self-running and self-powering circuit that generates power for the whole “Smart Light Up” device, for all the LEDs and Sensors in this product!

Although, for those of you scientists who understand quantum physics, technically the [flow of] energy in the universe comes from the gravity [from the black-holes] and higher dimensions, starting from the big-bang of this materialistic 3D physical universe which was perhaps created by a huge black-hole made by Angels… but anyway, long story short, by getting the energy directly from the Space itself, we mean the available energy on the physical dimensions of the universe which is accessible even within [empty] vacuum, (that is why it is referred to as “the Space” for the general public, because space is just the “container” of energy) So no need for air or heat! However, if the flow of [Psy or Chi or …] energy is better, the more accessible energy to be used/taken for the Antenna in the Free Cosmic Energy circuit!


Tesla’s Little Secret – on YouTube (Credit for amonrade):


Therefore, CLwave Smart Light Up can get its electrical power from the Space, and you never have to pay for its power consumption! It is also a very good help for someone who is trapped in a dark room, and has this Smart Phone or Tablet case/cover, so that it can ‘Light Up’ the room, even if the battery of your phone is dead, and you have no access to electricity (if you are in the middle of a jungle or desert, or simply you are out of electricity in your house for a few hours)!


What We Need & What You Get

What we need for this phase of our production, is your help, both financially and on the media (Internet, TV news, Magazines, exhibitions…) to support us to be able to make this technology available for the commercial usage! It needs millions of dollars of investment if we would want to get rid of all batteries and electricity-charges in the market, but to begin with, we have a $ 27000 investment goal, that if we can successfully hit that, we can produce the first commercial Free Energy device that can come to help humanity for everyday needs, and where you always can have it, right next to your Smart Phone or Tablet! The more money we can get by our amazing contributors, the more stable electricity we can ‘trap’ inside the circuit, so the more advanced analog and digital circuits could be working with that, and more amazing LEDs and sensors with different functionalities and applications could be embedded inside CLwave Smart Light Up!

What you get is a nice soft and smooth light around your Smart Phone or Tablet which makes your environment light enough, so that you can work with your device without getting your eyes or brain burned/hurt by the excessive light of the  device in the dark room, or the extra sharp light from the background when the room is too shinny!

As you can also read in the article below, “Light from tablets, phones disrupts sleep”, (Screens’ bluish tones cut production of sleep-friendly melatonin…), your body and especially your brain needs melatonin and serotonin hormones for a good night sleep or meditation (read more on that on Google: )!


Credit for Meeri Kim, The Washington Post, Published on Sep 14 2014

Read the article here => Light from tablets, phones disrupts sleep!

“The pervasive glow of electronic devices may be an impediment to a good night’s sleep. That’s particularly noticeable now, when families are adjusting to early wake-up times for school… As lamps switch off in teens’ bedrooms across America, the lights from their computer screens, smartphones and tablets often stay on throughout the night… These devices emit light of all colours, but it’s the blues in particular that pose a danger to sleep. Blue light is especially good at preventing the release of melatonin… ” (Actually blue light is not bad for sleep, it depends… but this article knows only the simple story for just this situation.. it’s more complicated than that, but CLwave knows how the body and mind works…!)

Melatonin is awesome for your Pineal gland, especially when you want to go to sleep or meditate; so you do not want to get that away from your body and brain! Besides, you can even easily feel that after a long time of surfing the web on your Smart Phone or Tablet, watching a movie or texting to your friends and family in a dark room, you will get a little headache especially if your eyes or brain is already tired.


 By today, there is no good solution for that, up to now, that we present you “Smart Light Up”, which generates a colorful ambient light which is very soft and smooth for your eyes and your reading or watching environment, and also has some sensors (such as the light photo-detector sensors for the density and illumination adjustments)! This technology has started here for commercial usage in a serious way! Smart Light Up will project enough light to the environment of your Phone or Tablet, to make it just right! Beside that fact that it is very cool and awesome to have a shiny and gorgeous case for your Smart Phone or Tablet which is smart to light up, its colors are also very intelligent, and quite right for your mind and body; with lots of research and development that we will do (we will keep improving our products always, because we want to always upgrade the quality of our products)!


Moreover, CLwave Smart Light Up uses Free Energy from the Space itself, for generating enough electricity for all the LEDs and sensors and circuits insides your “Smart Light Up”! Not only this is very intelligent, and you do not need to charge your Smart Light Up in any way ever, but it is also very cost-effective and secure for you; because you never have to be worried about what-if-you-are-out-of-charge scenario! You never have to charge your Smart Light Up, so you can bring it with yourself everywhere! CLwave Tech will keeping improving this FREE COSMIC ENERGY System, so that some day soon you can connect all your Smart Phone and Tablet and even Laptop to it, and it will charge all your other devices, even if you are in the middle of a desert!

Free Cosmic Energy By CLwave Smart Light Up

The Goal!

We would like to be always transparent and honest with others, especially with our fans and contributors! :)

So the more you could help us financially; the better quality products we can make! If you could help us for $ 10,000 up to $ 1,000,000; it is going to make a lot of difference in this product that we would produce commercially now, and it is also going to look much better because the good appearance of the actual product depends a lot on the manufacturing technology, and they are expensive!

Every $ 5000 is going to make a huge different in the mechanical and electrical parts we are going to implement in our product, because we want to make the best high quality product with all the best clean Hi-Tech elements so that it fits/deserves to be attached to your nice $ 500 or $ 1000 Smart Phone or Tablet! So if you help us for $ 20,000 or $ 25,000 or $ 30,000… it is going to make a huge difference, and it will bring our released products to next level!

If we get around $ 1,000,000 for this project (even gradually after some sales); you will be amazed what this product can do, especially with your Smart Phone and Tablet… Charging your cell phone or Tablet… connecting to your iPhone or Android Apps and doing secret things 😀

CLwave Smart Light Up

CLwave Smart Light Up Project Timeline:

Here is the timeline for this production, and hopefully we will ship your orders by December 2015, or even sooner!

production timeline


The timeline of this production will be about 6 months in order to be able to ship our first products, but as profits raise, we can invest more on the R&D for this production like always, and our next shipped products will have more quality, and can have more diverse colors and shapes with more electrical functionalities! So hopefully by December 2015 we have shipped all our promised Smart Light Ups for our contributors, and later in our next releases in 2016, we would go for mass production to dominate the mass market!


 Smart Light Up |


These are all released after we patent each part of our design and implementation, from it appearance of the mechanical parts and its materials, all over up to the circuit schematics and the LEDs and sensors which we will be using! They will be all patented for CLwave Smart Light Up, which uses the CLwaveTech FREE COSMIC ENERGY system which is the technology that CLwave has improved (especially for the commercial applications) and will use in Free Energy product series in the future! In the near future, CLwave will produce many different technological devices and equipments, that they all use this Free Energy, and do not need any kind of battery or sun or gas or heat or wind to produce electrical energy; it will be just from the Cosmic Energy which is already available throughout the whole space, and you can use it for free as much as you can take!

Smart Light Up


Here are just a few sample videos that they have achieved such Free Energy circuits up to some levels, but none of them is available at the mass market yet! However, this can all change by your help now, so that CLwave can present you the Smart Light Up which has a small low power circuit that uses Free Energy for commercial usage!


Free energy From Air Circuit part 2/24 – on YouTube (Credit for INVENTOR3):








Nikola Tesla “free energy from air” circuit explained and building instructions – on YouTube (Credit for newmrv ):


Tesla’s Secret Circuit (4 of 4) – on YouTube (Credit for Diana Lehua):



Free Energy Selfrunning Device from ikako chubinidze Youtube channel with circuit diagrams – on YouTube (Credit for overunitydotcom):



free energy generator powering an RC-car – on YouTube (Credit for LifeHack2012):



CLwave Smart Light Up:

You may have a cover or case for your iPhone or Android phone or Tablet already, it might be even shinny some how, it might even have LEDs, but it is not shinning the environment so that you can use it as a ‘Light in the Darkness’ to ‘Enlighten’ your bath, or to at least watch a movie or read your text messages without getting a headache or putting your eyes under pressure! Most importantly, it is designed for having a more healthy usage from your Smart Phone or Tablet, and it also does not use any kind of battery at all, and so it can be always ON (as long as the LEDs and circuits inside it can handle, for example 10-100 years, depending on the temperature and atmosphere you are going to use it in, but theoretically it can be ON forever. )!

At the moment, Smart Light Up will come to you as a hard-case for your Smart Phone or Tablet with some circuits and LEDs embedded inside it, but later CLwave Tech will also try to release soft-covers to protect the screen as well, so you can rap it around your cell phone or Tablet like many covers in the mass market! Because CLwave Tech is trying to make it as small and flexible as possible to that the Free Energy circuit can be embedded inside any case or cover with any shape and size for any Smart Phone or Tablet! (If you are a leading company in making cases and covers for cell phones, contact us… we might be able to cooperate and give you these circuits!)

Smart Light Up


=> So order your Smart Light Up case for your own Smart Phone or Tablet now!
You will get an early bird special version with a huge discount (almost % 50), and we will ship/mail it for you anywhere in the world! 


CLwave smart light up Banner


=> Just Contribute $ 37 for your Smart Phone, and/or $ 47 for your Tablet (Mention the model of your phone or Tablet when you are contributing!)

=> Just Contribute $ 57 for your Smart Phone, and/or $ 67 for your Tablet; if you want it to be with your own desired sentence/letters over it, and with your desired color as in the description (Mention the model of your phone or Tablet + your desired sentence/letters + with your desired color when you are contributing!)

=> If you need a fully custom-designed exclusive version, just contribute $ 2000 for your Smart Phone, and/or $ 3000 for your Tablet; if you want it to be with any design you like! We will call you on Skype and make sure that your desired style and colors and shape is exactly the way you wished for, within this price! (Mention the model of your phone or Tablet + your desired sentence/letters + with your desired color + any shape or design for the mechanical or electrical parts you like, when you are contributing!)


How Contributors Can Pay:

Payment Options:

1- Payments by Credit Card and send money to bank account. Now includes support for Apple Pay (for US only at the moment). Funds received by credit cards are held until the campaign’s deadline, then sent as a lump sum to the bank account within 15 business days (CLwave bank account).


2- Payments by PayPal. Funds raised via PayPal are sent to the PayPal account instantly (CLwave Website PayPal account). Contributors can pay using their PayPal account – in Euro or Dollar – up to $ 10,000 per contribution, or by using their credit/debit card via PayPal’s ‘Guest Checkout’ up to $ 500 per contribution. The availability of PayPal’s ‘Guest Checkout’ may vary by country ( You do not need to have a PayPal account in order to be able to pay through the PayPal. )!



Please feel free to contact us if you have any question or suggestion:

CLwave Online Market |

CLwave Online Market


Smart Light Up |

CLwave Smart Light Up


This product is going to eventually go to online stores like this:

CLwave E-Store (Electro-Store of Selected Hardware/Software Products @ Amazon)CLwave E-Store (Electro-Store of Selected Hardware/Software Products @ Amazon)


CLwave Smart Light Up



Risks & Challenges

As mentioned in the timeline for this production, CLwave will hopefully deliver your orders by December 2015 or even sooner, but in case the overall contributions did not get to $ 10,000, the delivery time might be a few months late, but CLwave will give you back for sure! So just in case we did not reach our $ 27,000 financial goal here, you will receive your Smart Light Up just a few months late, and we will keep informing you throughout the whole process on our website and by email; so that can always know on which stage of production we are, and when you can actually receive your expected product :)

Also notice that the actual money CLwave will receive is less than what contributors pay, because of the online and offline transactions costs and the Tax! Nevertheless, CLwave will keeping working on this project, and will continue to raise the funds for this amazing production so that can revolutionize the market and help the humanity with a wonderful world-class technology!


Other Ways You Can Help

Please try to at least share this webpage by email or social media such as Facebook or Google+ or YouTube or Twitter or LinkedIn… to get this message across the world. We would like to be able to present the highest quality product with the most intelligent systems in it, so we need your help!

If you can contribute, that would help us a lot, and that is also your order that would give us the opportunity to make you what we love and what we are passionate about. Also please send this webpage link to anybody you think they might like to order this product, at least to buy it as a gift for their friends and family :)




Please LIKE and Share our Facebook page for this product:

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Also, please visit our website for this product, and let us know if you have any question or suggestion, and by entering your email there (Free Sign Up by CLwave Tech) so that we can send you all the updates and documents that will be released for this production:


Smart Light Up for your Tablet and Smart Phone!


Thank you so very much for your help and your support!

We really appreciate your contributions, and your contacts and comments :)

All the Best,

Best Regards




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